Dear guests,
We care about your health!

Behavior in and in front of the restaurant

We comply with all hygiene regulations and promptly adapt them to the current ordinances.

The 2G plus mask rule applies at our restaurant.

  • Please have digitally verifiable proof (QR code) of your vaccination or recovery from SARS-CoV-2 and photo ID ready when you visit.
  • We ask that guests wear a medical mask while in the restaurant unless you are seated.
  • For employees, the requirement to wear a mouth-to-nose covering indoors and in the restaurant also applies.
  • Attendance for all staff is recorded without gaps.
  • Guest attendance is kept on lists or listed in the Open Table booking portal and kept for four additional weeks.
  • For attendance documentation, we scan our guests on site with the Luca App. Please install the app in advance.
  • Through the entire registration, the traceability of the infection chain is guaranteed.
  • Hand disinfection dispensers are available at all entrances and exits and in the restrooms
  • Staff are instructed on hygiene regulations and clean and disinfect their hands at regular intervals.
  • Seating is provided according to table sizes with 1.5 m spacing between sitters.
  • Table surfaces are disinfected after each visit.
  • Served meals are provided for lunch and dinner.
  • The menu and wine list can be viewed via a QR code.
  • Crockery, cutlery and glasses are always reprocessed in high-temperature dishwashing systems (<70°C).

Protection when paying

  • Please pay cashless whenever possible.

Protection at home

  • Please refrain from visiting us if you have a cough or cold.
  • Please wash your hands carefully before and after visiting us.
  • Please follow the known household hygiene rules.


Ventilation methods

We care about your health. By using a high-tech UVC ventilation system, we guarantee clean air and minimize the risk of infection.

The ventilation process used in the CORD achieves a reduction of the corona virus load of up to 99.9% by continuously exchanging air and filtering aerosols and destroying viruses. This allows you to sit together in our restaurant even when the outside temperatures are cold.


Important note

Please note that while air purifiers can significantly reduce the concentration of viruses, bacteria and aerosols in the air, they cannot completely prevent them.

The suggested rule of protection from coronavirus is to follow these rules:
Distance, Hygiene and Medical or FFP2 Masks

The simultaneous use of appropriate indoor air purifiers further increases the effectiveness of the protection rule. In any case, please comply with the requirements of the federal and state governments.