“You are what you eat” is our motto at the CORD on the EUREF-Campus. Here, where the future is explored and lived. The more important it was and is to constantly develop our concept & offer.

With the new menu, we present a trend-setting style that creates healthy moments of enjoyment with high quality and regional products. This fall, chef Florian Peters and culinary director Thomas Kammeier focus on signature dishes that are vegan, vegetarian, but also express the season with fish and meat. “We pay attention to sustainability in our purchasing,” explains Florian Peters, “so guests can indulge in whatever they have an appetite for with a clear conscience.” And Thomas Kammeier adds, “We create new classics that achieve sophistication with simplicity.”

Our suppliers include many smaller businesses such as Keit Bakery in Berlin-Schöneberg, 25 Ponds from Gräben, Paolella Buffalo Mozzarella from Kremmen, and Gourmet Greens in Berlin Wedding. Our water comes straight from the tap and is directly enriched with magnesium and zinc thanks to “Best Water Technology”.

Let’s give you a glimpse on the new menu: Whether truffle-spinach salad, Kammeier’s fish stew, pasture-raised beef tartare or celeriac soup: Florian Peters and Thomas Kammeier create an ideal template for an individual mix & match menu with these small dishes. Vegetarian and vegan specialties also bring more attention to regional vegetable cuisine from now on. And with selected premium meat from Germany and Ireland, sustainability and organic quality are also taken into account here. Culinary delights from the grill are designed for sharing: crispy filet of loup de mer, Irish beef tenderloin and dry aged beef. Side dishes like wild broccoli and Caesar salad round out the sharing. “With the sharing concept, we want to make it possible to experience the diversity of flavors,” Peters says.

Thomas Kammeier, gastronomic director of the EUREF Campus, who cooked and held a star for HUGOS at the Interconti, says: “I see chefs as having a responsibility to contribute a lot to the environment, because they decide what goes on the plate.” Together with Florian Peters, he wants to constantly develop the forward-looking kitchen style at the CORD. In the future, food use will be designed so that nothing is wasted. “In everything we try out, good taste will of course continue to be our top priority,” assures Florian Peters.

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